I have been working as an underwater photographer and journalist for almost two decades. Some of my most memorable moments I have experienced underwater are related to encounters with sharks. These widely misunderstood creatures can kill, but, just like other animals, most of all, they want to live in balance and peace with their environment. Although sharks are the sign of healthy oceans, we kill hundred millions of them every year.

Today our oceans are in trouble, so are the sharks. Humanity calls for healthy, thriving oceans in order to survive. I call for healthy, shark full oceans because I want to live on a beautiful planet, next to the sharks and respect them like my neighbours.

Since I believe acquaintance and love are important tools to take action, by using art and media I want to establish a communication channel between people willing to help and organisations that will take tangible action. By buying an Ocean’s Rockstars T-shirt, you donate 15% of the amount paid to shark conservation organisations. The funds will be split between &